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Basic IT lessons are among most popular courses under SkillsFuture schemes.

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senior academy certifications

‘PA Senior Academy’, key mission is to

  • encourage more seniors,
  • 50 years old and above,
  • to pursue lifelong learning aspirations
  • to lead an  active, quality lifestyle and 
  • Be Smart Nation ready.

The ‘Senior  Academy  Certificate’ course  programmes

  • encourages seniors who have completed
  • at least 10 different courses within 12 months
  • will be able to fulfil their dreams of wearing a graduation gown,
  • and putting on a mortar board
  • To receive their certificates at the graduation ceremony.

Senior Academy Certificate

Smartphones are now powerful enough to run all of the productivity apps that are found on desktop computers. Employees are able to do their work anywhere that have an internet connection.

Anyone who wants to improve their office skills and performance using SmartPhone, can gain practical skills, from our 2.5 hours course on various topics through virtual learning.

A certificate of Achievement will be awarded.

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  • I-Connect All About WeChat
  • I-Connect Be an Instagrammer
  • I-Connect Facebook for Beginners
  • I-Connect Stay Connected with Whatsapp
  • I-Connect Understanding Mobile Apps
  • I-Connect Understanding your Android Phone
  • I-Connect Understanding your iPhone
  • I-Connect We Think Digital  (NEW)
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  • I-Lifestyle Basic Digital Skills
  • I-Lifestyle E-Commerce Learning Journey at Visa
  • I-Lifestyle E-Transactions & Internet Security
  • I-Lifestyle E-Travel
  • I-Lifestyle Fun with Music on Smartphone/Tablet
  • I-Lifestyle Google Photos  (NEW)
  • I-Lifestyle Guide to E-Payments
  • I-Lifestyle Hanyu Pinyin for Mobile Phones        
  • I-Lifestyle Mobile Apps For Government Services
  • I-Lifestyle Mobile Photography                         
  • I-Lifestyle Mobile Videography     
  • I-Lifestyle Navigating around Singapore  
  • I-Lifestyle Photo Editing With Smartphone 
  • I-Lifestyle Self Service Banking & Digital Banking Services
  • I-Lifestyle Self Service Channels at SingPost
  • I-Lifestyle Selling Online
  • I-Lifestyle Shop and Pay Online
  • I-Lifestyle Smart Entertainment
  • I-Lifestyle Transportation at Your Fingertips
  • I-Lifestyle YouTube Video Production


  • I-Work Introduction to Emailing
  • I-Work Introduction to Microsoft Word
  • I-Work Introduction to Windows 10

Basic Computer Skills Computer

Basic IT lessons are among most popular courses under SkillsFuture schemes.  Top courses includes: 
*basic functions and applications of a computer,
* basic computer classes in microsoft office
*functions and applications of a Smartphone & tablet
*Social Media Marketing such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc

SkillsFuture Credit scheme “is to empower individuals to take ownership of their skills development, and open up their minds to embrace a lifelong learning journey.”

MOiqbal Basic IT Skills

Class scheduled for Senior Academy Program @PA. Please SHARE with your loved ones.

moIQbal@Senior Academy

Mohamed Iqbal Bin Mohamed Ali

in Malay & English


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Hey! Don't be afraid to learn IT or Digital knowledge. Don't be afraid of success!.
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Friendly Environment We help you to strategize your work perfomance & be competitive against upcoming several digital disruption.
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By enhancing your computer knowledge, you not only help to make your workplace easier & faster, but also improve your employability in the present job market.
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