Senior Academy IT Program in Community Clubs. Free wit SkillsFuture credit

8/3/20sunrjb13Macpherson CCInstagrammer2pm-5pmmalay/eng
15/3/20sunrfjb20Macpherson CCShop and Pay Online 2pm-5pmmalay/eng
17/3/20 tue rjb22 Sengkang CC Understanding your Android Phone10am-1pmmalay/english
17/3/20 tuerjb22Sengkang CCUnderstanding your iPhone 2pm-5pmmalay/english
19/3/20 thu rjb24Sengkang CC mobile apps for gov svcs 10am-1pmmalay/english
21/3/20 sat rjb26 tampines changkat mobile apps for gov svcs 2pm-5pm malay/english
24/3/20 tuerjb29 Sengkang CC Stay connected with WhatsApp 10am-1pmmalay/english
24/3/20 tue rjb29 Sengkang CC Transportation at your finger tips 2pm-5pmmalay/english
28/3/20satsbn3Macpherson CC Introduction to Google Drive2pm-5pmmalay/english
29/3/20sunsbn4Macpherson CCFacebook for Beginners2pm-5pmmalay/english
5/4/20sunsbn11Siglap south ccMobile apps gor Gov services 10am-1pmmalay/english
7/4/20tueshbn13 Clementi ccMobile Apps For Government Services’ 2pm-5pmmalay/english
12/4/20sunshbn18 siglap south ccunderstanding your iphone10am-1pmmalay/english
14/4/20tue shbn20clementi cc Stay Connected with Whatsapp’ 2pm-5pmmalay/english
19/4/20 sun shbn25 siglap south cc understanding your androidsmphone10am-1pmmalay/english
26/4/20 sun rmd3 siglap south ccshop n pay online10am-1pmmalay/english